Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Learn to Crochet

I learned to crochet when I was very young. I've never had the motivation to learn more than the basic stitches, however, until recently when I learned crochet dishcloths rock way beyond a store bought one. There are great sources on the internet, but I must say I just came across an awesome blog of a woman who not only shares her patterns for free, but has video to go with many of them. It's great! So without further ado, go HERE to see what I mean!


Denise said...

I wish I were more crafty. I need to start something homemakey, like baking or cooking. hehehe Yes, veggies get slimy over here. But we do like apples!! :)

What is the weather like in MO? I picture it cold like MI, but it must be milder?

amy cup half full said...

Thanks for popping by! We let school go for the week and are snuggling down, watching tv, lazing about and chillin'. Dh is the only one who didn't get blessed by the cold bug. LOL That ever happen at your place- like everyone got sick BUT one person? LOL

Denise said...

Thanks for the tip on boiling the potatoes, I will definitely do that next time. I'm using my stew to supplement the dog's food now...

Bridget said...

Hi!!! The dishcloth pattern I used is the Darrell Waltrip cloth! I have made it so many times I know the pattern by heart which makes it a lot easier to knit when my husband is driving hehe.
Thank you for the nice comment!

Anonymous said...

I love crocheted dishcloths too!

Hmm...maybe I should suggest to my daughter what she could make me for Christmas...:)
Glad you liked the blog on Robert and Rosemary. I do hope it encourages your pastor. Pastoring is difficult work. I will pray for him and your church today!