Thursday, September 18, 2008

Breadsmith Tour

Our homeschool group went to Breadsmith today for a tour. It was a great time and the guys there were great with the kids. When we got there we were greeted with the smell of all this wonderful bread. Several hundred loaves baked daily. They make bread to sell at Sam's and Mama Jeans as well. At Thanksgiving they bake over 2500 loaves in two days!
Here is the big mixer where the dough is mixed with their own flour blend. Unbleached and preservative free, yeah!

Then into these big tubs.

Then onto the huge kneading table. Here our guide is teaching us to knead two loaves at once.

Here is their huge ovens, imported from France (I think). It took a whole crew a whole week to put it together!

The huge peel to get the bread out of the ovens.

Showing us how that works.

The whole good looking group!

Thanks Breadsmith! We had a great time and our free samples were YUMMY! Can't wait to be back for more of your great bread!


Anonymous said...

OH that looks like fun! And the smell would be AWESOME!!

RYC: Thank you for the very true, even if I dont think so. :)


Vix said...

What a great tour! And your right our kids do learn in spite of us, not because of us. Im excited to do my weekly review this week, things are so much better! I also heard a quote from Bob Farewell (founder of lifetime books and gifts) that our childs education is like a hammock made of strings and air, you build the strings and God takes care of the air. ;)

Amy (cup half full) said...

That bread tour looks like soooo much fun!! I wish I could smell what y'all smelled that day. I adore the smell of fresh bread!