Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am interrupting the normal family blogging to share something on my heart.

The other day we were driving somewhere and I noticed this beautiful patch of tiger lillys surrounded by trees, leaving them mostly shaded for much of the day. Instead of accepting their fate the flowers were all bent slightly over, petals, leaves and stems reaching for the sun. It was such a beautiful sight and spurred a deeper longing in my own heart.

I want to be like the lillies. I don't want to just accept life in the shade. I want to turn my face to the Son. I want to lift my face, stretch out my hands, long for Him as though my very survival depends on it. Even when circumstances may try to keep me in the shade, I just need to bend, to go against the grain, to reach for the Son. If someone came along and just cut down the trees, would I realize how much I needed the Son, or would I just take the Son for granted?

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading all your updates and looking at your pictures!!!! It looks like you are enjoying your family so much. What a rich blessing.

And your father in law is growing an upside down garden! I wanted to do that too this year! Maybe I can find some tomato plants on sale somewhere.

Thank you so much for your comment. It came at a time when I needed a bit of encouragement and it did precisely that. :) flash. My baby girl Briana is DATING!!! :)

But alas...I need to go...have a blessed day, Deb! Hugs to you and yours!
Theresa GR