Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Prayer Request

Please pray for the family of Ethan Powell. For over a year now, their lives have been Leukemia and St. Jude's Children's hospital. Ethan went home to Jesus today. He overcame so many obstacles, that it is so hard to understand why God would need him back. Please pray for Ethan's parents, Ben and Becky. Their faith has been a testimony to so many, please pray for them to keep their faith in all of this. Please go to his website and click on the Ethan's Friends page as their are more children whose parents so desperately covet your prayers. I still do not understand why God allows some children to be sick and some to be healthy. I do not understand why God lets some children live and others die. My heart cries out to these families. I have no words for them. I cannot tell them "God must have a reason" in letting their child die. I just cannot believe something that is beyond my understanding. I can only rest in the peace of seeing those children again some day.

Ethan's Website

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie!
Thanks for your comment! It was good to hear from you again!
I am guessing from your blogging record that you have been record busy! Me too! o_O
Life is rich. Drink it all in. Even the depths of sorrow and loss work something in us and bring us closer to God's heart. Nothing is wasted.
Love you!