Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tea with Jodi

I had a wonderful time yesterday. I had lunch at the Spring Creek Tea Room with Jodi. Oh, and her mom, Katie, came too. :) Miss Jodi was quite warm and snugly in her sling with her mommy, but she was so kind as to let me take her out of her warm, cozy pouch and let me hold her. She is quite the beautiful, perfect child (pretty much like all those Bettendorf children). Yep, we bonded. Until of course she realized I was useless to help her hungry belly. Oh well.

Thanks for a great afternoon girls. And thanks to Jeff for letting me borrow a couple of his girls.


Jeff said...

Katie didn't tell me she went out to eat. I thought she was just going to the store! Just kidding... I am glad you guys had a good time!

Ginger said...


Looking forward to pics of your crock-pot haven - your kitchen. So jealous that you got to have tea with sweet little Jodi!