Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coming Soon

Look for yet another blog coming soon. I will keep this blog to update on family and I am also starting a new "food blog". I love to cook and I love to eat, so I thought having a food blog would be a good fit. It will also be a good place to participate in Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Mondays. Plus, well, I just always run our printer out of ink printing recipes to try or keep and end up losing them and printing again, etc. This way it is a good record of what we liked so I can make it again. Having my menu plan out for the bloggy world to see will be a good way to make sure I actually stick to my plan as much as possible.

If you want to really save money on groceries, I highly recommend making and using a menu plan. It is really, really worth your time. I plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I try to not buy more at the store that I will use for just that week. I love the challenge of seeing how little I can spend on food and still feed my family nutritious meals. I do occasionally reserve the right to stock up on things where I can combine coupons with sales and get stuff really cheap. However, it usually affects the next week's grocery expenditure as I try to plan around my newly acquired goodies.

Now, I'm not a total health nut either, even though I do love nutrition. I still will feed my children sugar cereal and fruit snacks. Some weeks are better than others. It all about balance and doing your best. I don't throw in the towel because we ate sugar cereal two days in a row. :) It is shocking though, to realize just how much sugar is in those boxes of cereal. It is much better to buy a regular cereal and let your children sprinkle on some sugar (which mine love to do). Check out your box of sugar cereal. If it has, say, 12 grams of sugar, that is equivalent to about 12 teaspoons of sugar! No child would sprinkle on 12 teaspoons of sugar on their cereal!

So, perhaps this will be an endeavor of better nutrition for us too. It is much easier to serve healthier food if you plan ahead with a little prep. So, be on the lookout soon for my new food blog. Name suggestions would be welcomed. :)

Edit: Amy pointed out in my comments that 1 teaspoon of sugar is equal to 4 grams of sugar, in other words they are not equal as I stated above. I was told they were by a nutritionist, but I either misunderstood her or she didn't do her homework that chapter because Amy is right! Thanks Amy! Still gross, but at least I won't feel sooooo bad when my kids eat sugar cereal, just not all the time!


tasha said...

Sounds like a great idea!!!

Can't wait to see what you have.
As for names......not my cup of tea. Sorry! : )

amy said...

Hi Debbie!! This is my first time here. I'll have to wander around a little later today. I can't wait to see your new food blog! And if I can make a correction? 4 grams equals 1 tsp. If it says 12 grams, divide that by 4 and that is how many teaspoons of sugar are in there. Either way you measure--it's still gross!


When I shared that with my momn a while back...she was very suprised and started reading labels a little more closely. Yay mom!

And thanks for coming by my blog and offering encouragement! It totally made my day!!

I hope to back next week. but if I have to take off for another week, it's alllll good! =0)

amy said...

names....Deb's Heavenly Kitchen or Deb's Kitchen Cafe or Deb's Recipe Shoppe orrrr Tasty Vittles Diner....heheheeh oh this is tooo fun!

HsKubes said...

We make a menu and grocery list for every two weeks. I've done it as long as I can remember and love it. I love having it posted on my fridge so I know what we're eating that day, even though we sometimes play switch-a-roo. ;o)

I wanted to say thank you for visiting me, for leaving your comment, and, above all, for your prayers. They are a blessing to us.

~ Christina

Denise said...

Oh, menus... I so need menus and shopping lists. I'm sure you'd be aghast to know that I don't even shop with a list!

crystal said...

I'm still confused about the sugar/grams/teaspoons thing but I'm relatively sure that either of my boys would sprinkle/dump a dozen teaspoons of sugar on their cereal! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Food blog , yes! I will gladly check that out. I have a book that plans out each week's menu...Um...I haven't used it for awhile...:)

re: cynicism. Probably most people don't think of me as cynical...and probably one of the reasons I can get hit with it is because I am so optimistic and hopeful and trusting...that I have gotten broadsided...and needed to learn to walk in more wisdom. :)
But like I said...I see cynicism as poisen, so I don't nurture it in myself.
This IS a very cool blog site!

Anonymous said...

the book: Saving dinner by Leanne Ely..."The menus, recipes , and shopping lists to bring your family back to the table."